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Curtin University
W.A. Centre for Evidence Informed Healthcare Practice


The Centre can provide workshops in rural, regional and metropolitan health services in Western Australia at cost. The workshops can address topics such as the basic concepts of evidence based practice, audits, development of protocols and evidence utilisation and will be designed according to the needs of the health service.

Some of the topics presented to date at workshops* are:

Evidence Based Practice
Introduction to evidence based practice
Levels of evidence and nursing research
Finding and using evidence to direct practice/Reading research articles
Developing protocols for your clinical setting
Implementing best practice in the health service setting
Getting the most out of the JBI website - Using JBI Connect+

Quality activities
Quality Improvement vs Nursing Research
Setting up your audit using the Prac Manual as a basis
Putting together a questionnaire
Simple audit data processing
Reporting audit findings

* These workshops were sponsored by the Chief Nurse’s Office, WA Department of Health and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

For enquiries about workshops contact:

Jeanette Robertson
Telephone: +61 8 9340 7535
Facsimile: +61 8 9340 8267

Email enquiries to:

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