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Curtin University
W.A. Centre for Evidence Informed Healthcare Practice


There are extensive resources, in printed and electronic format, about evidence based health care. The resources listed below are just some of journals and websites that provide leads to many other useful sources of information about the evidence based approach and evidence based nursing and midwifery in particular.

Achieving better practice: the Clinical Support Systems Program. (2004). eMJA, 180 (10 Supplement), S73-S104.
Adopting best evidence in practice. (2004). eMJA, 180 (6 Supplement), S41-S72.
Evidence-based Healthcare
Evidence-Based Nursing
Journal of Midwifery & Womens' Health - for regular column 'Evidence-Based Practice'

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
Australian Dept of Health and Ageing
CASP: Critical Appraisal Skills Programme
Centre for Evidence-Based Child Health - Great Ormond Street Hospital Trust and the Institute of Child Health, London
Cochrane Collaboration
Cochrane Child Health Field
Evidence Based Nursing Tutorials and Resources -
National Electronic Library for Health
National Guideline Clearinghouse
NIHR Centre for Reviews & Dissemination - University of York
NIHR Centre for Reviews & Dissemination Reports - University of York
Perinatal Care of Substance Using Mothers and Their Infants
Rand: Child Policy Research
ScHARR Web Resources - University of Sheffield

Conference papers
Guide to the Development of Clinical Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners

Evidence Based Health Care: Application to Practice Conference - 12th February 2010
The conference was sponsored by Curtin University, The WA Nurses Memorial Charitable Trust and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children

The keynote speaker was Prof Alison Kitson, Head, Discipline of Nursing, University of Adelaide and Director, Centre for Evidence Based Practice, South Australia. PowerPoint File Type Beyond Guidelines [.ppt 5.75MB]

Malcolm Hare, Mental Health Nurse, Fremantle Hospital. PowerPoint File Type Delirium screening of older patients in the Emergency Department [.ppt 1.51MB]

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